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Using the Reflection Field in Symphony CMS

Posted by Mark Lewis and filed under Symphony CMS

The Reflection Field can be used to concatenate data from other fields into its field. The functionality of this extension itself is only limited by the creativity of the developer. I would like to share with you two common ways I use the extension to demonstrate its power.

  1. A better foreign key when using relationship fields such as the Select Box Link field.
  2. Better URL structure for data source filtering (thanks Nick).

Reflection Field in Symphony CMSAs I said before, its use is not limited to these two applications

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Building Sections in Symphony CMS Using Normalization

Posted by Mark Lewis and filed under Symphony CMS

Structuring content in Symphony CMS can seem daunting at first, but that is the trade-off for the flexibility that we gain. I'd like to introduce you to the method that I've used which has helped me countless times with both simple and complex projects. This concept isn't new among veteran users and I feel it is a great approach when building with Symphony CMS.

Understanding and Visualizing Sections

Building Sections in Symphony CMS Using NormalizationSections in Symphony CMS are one of the core features at the heart of the system. The trick to understanding sections is to visualize them as a database table. Good practices when building the structure of a database can also be applied to building sections in Symphony. Just like a table is made up of columns, a section is made up of fields in Symphony. We can take it a further step in that you can have different field types in Symphony just like you can in a database table's column.

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