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About the Process

Each project follows a proven method for quality results that involve the client throughout the process. This is how happy clients are made.

1. Interview

Every project starts with an interview to learn the business needs and requirements.

2. Wireframes

Using information from the interview, wireframes are used to convey a general layout.

3. Mockup

Next, wireframes are used to create full-fledged mockups of each page.

4. Develop

Mockups are then converted into actual webpages with complete interactivity

5. Deploy

Upon final approval webpages are deployed online using Symphony CMS to manage content.

6. Interview

Finally, an interview to instruct client and learn how our process could improve.

About delewis

delewis is a web development studio that specializes in building finely crafted websites for small businesses. Mark Lewis, owner, has 14 years of web design and development experience.

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